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    I started with boss bodies a year ago but have been following them for a long time. Before I joined I was confused and not confident if I should pursue competing for nationals.  With coaches in the past, I have been given wrong guidance, coaches who were not tracking my progress or giving me the proper information to get me prepared or ready for the goals I wanted.


    I decided to reached out to Boss Bodies because I needed help in order for me to be able to reach my goals. I needed someone whose experience and focus was on me to make sure that I succeed in my journey and Boss Bodies helped me with that. If you can see me now and compare my photos from before, they are so much different. I never thought that I could look like this now. From being lost and just guessing to having your food and training taken care of with the proper experience, and guidance I have no regrets in my decision to join Team Boss Bodies. 

  • Jasmine Spruill

    NPC NATIONAL ATHLETE | Coached by Casey Marshall

    I wish I started with Team Boss Bodies when I first starting my competing journey in 2015.  There isn’t a day I look back with Boss wondering if I made the right decision; and to work with the only and only Ms. Casey Marshall – my perfect puzzle piece.


    When I first started competing my coach didn’t take me seriously. I distinctly remember my coach telling me it would easier to become a pro in this sport if you go to a natural federation. After walking away from a show with two overall titles in one night in NPC, I competed in the OCB where I earned my pro card in the same day.  This wasn’t challenging enough.  I was determined to go back to the NPC.  I left this coach and went to another who took me in with three weeks left until three shows, I had planned.  He said, “Champ, you got this – you can do anything you put your mind and heart to.”  I went to my first National Show with him supporting me because, I wanted to say I did it!  


    I wanted to feel comfortable and love me – no intentions on competing.  I signed up with Boss Bodies and picked Casey as my coach! In the first few weeks I was amazed with her!  She didn’t even know me and was consistently checking on me, engaging, changing, and figuring out my body structure. I finally grew some GLUTES, a physique I never thought was possible, and walked right into Olympia Amateur in Seoul, Korea, then NPC Universe ’19 – 10th place over the moon & very proud!


    I have so many thank you’s to not only the Boss Queen, Ms. Casey but the queen behind the scenes – Mrs. Kiki.  Between both of them, I have learned to value, appreciate and love me.  This team, this supportive team of boss babes around the world – I consider them friends!  Find your perfect puzzle piece – I found mine. I can’t wait for what’s next but we are going IFBB PRO!  Thank you for everything & thank you for always believing in me!!

  • Chelsea Wood

    Lifestyle Client | Coached by Lacey Smith

    I decided to join Team Boss Bodies after hitting a plateau with my weight loss! Working with Lacey has been such a pleasure and I am so thankful for her. She accommodates my likes and dislikes, and she structures my meals and workouts to fit my lifestyle! She is so sweet and she’s always very helpful and knowledgeable; she has made my body transform! Following my plans is actually easy and I look forward to my meals and to my training. I also love that Team Boss Bodies consists of strong and supportive women, it is so empowering and motivating! I am so pleased with the results that I have experienced over the past few months and I cannot wait to continue to see my body transform! I have no doubt that this team and my coach Lacey will help me achieve my goals. Joining has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made!




    I joined boss bodies in August 2018 and let me tell you, this was the best decision of my life. I had only been competing a year with a bro diet coach and that summer I decided to take a break. Instead of post show binging, I struggled a lot with eating anything at all. I followed Casey on instagram for a long time and a few of her athletes and I always thought “wow they not only look great, but they are EATING foods I never thought i could touch during competing.. like FRUIT AND CEREAL?!” A few months later I reached out to Casey not to compete, but to get HELP with my relationship with food. Casey saved my life. A few months after that, we decided to throw me into a show to qualify again and in 8 short weeks with plenty of sushi refeeds and more food than i ever ate even BEFORE COMPETING.. i won the overall title at a NPC show in NY.


    So when I say joining boss bodies saved my life, it literally did. I became my BEST self and learned to believe in my full potential. I’ll never forget stepping off stage in July 2019  at USAs. I just missed turning pro by one place. I was in tears because I never believed in myself like Casey believed in me but after that moment, I knew great things were in store for me.


    I love you Casey! 

  • JANA



    After competing non-stop for about 6 straight years, I became very burnt out with the starvation diets, 2 a day workouts and not getting consistent results. So I took a 6 year break. But I missed the sport so much that I decided to return to the stage. At that point, I was in my 40’s and had coaches telling me that it was going to be hard for me to get lean and that I needed to do a bunch of ‘extra stuff’ to get results. A good friend of mine who is an IFBB bikini pro suggested that I work with Casey. From my very 1st interaction with Casey, I knew she was the coach for me. We never discussed my age, limitations or anything that would hinder my progress. When I joined the team, we only had about 2 months! My experience was out of this world. I was not starving, I enjoyed what I was eating and I loved my workouts!


    Casey truly cares about her clients, she’s so engaging, caring, and provides plans that are specifically for me, no cookie cutter plans here! My results were out of this world. I was the leanest and most conditioned that I’ve ever been in life! And I FINALLY had some hamstrings & glutes popping!  I look better now at 46 than I did in my early 30’s! Casey has reignited the love that I use to have for competing. The whole Boss Bodies team is amazing! Such a supportive sisterhood. So grateful to have found them. I’m so looking forward to many more years competing and being in the best shape of my life!!!  Thank you!!!

  • Niccole Guggia

    NPC Bikini | Coached by Casey Marshall

    I found Team Boss Bodies by listening to Casey being interviewed on a podcast( bikini diaries episode 051). I was immediately drawn to her passion of helping other women be their absolute best.  I could tell that Casey meant business and was giving everything she had to make Team Boss Bodies the best. I wanted to be the best I could be, and willing to put in the work. I just needed guidance to help me get from point A to point B. Being a 39 year old vegan athlete it was important that I had a coach that was understanding of my specific needs. Upon inquiry I explained that I preferred a macro based approach because I know what food works for my body. Casey was 100% on board and within 1 week I had my workout plans and macros. 


    Throughout my improvement season and prep season the communication was amazing. Twice a week check ins, response time always within an hour and constant adjustments based on how my body was responding. As I got closer to show, Casey was in constant communication, making sure every detail was covered. Peak week I checked in daily and had a FaceTime the day before show where she went over everything from posing, suit adjustments, mindset and just a good ol’ coaches pump up talk. She really believes in her athletes and pushes them to be their best. 


    All the coaches with Boss bodies will push you hard. The workouts are challenging, but give big results. Training to be a bikini competitor is different than the training an everyday person would do. There is a specific look that the judges are after, Team Boss Bodies knows how to attain it. I also love having an all female team, there is something about having the support of other women that are doing what you are doing that keeps you excited and motivate through this crazy world of prep!

    I am so happy that I found Boss Bodies this early in my competitive career, I feel this team has set me up for success and am one day closer to reaching my goal of an IFBB professional!

  • Kelsey Hunt

    NPC Bikini | Coached by Kerryne Henich

    I am 100% satisfied and overjoyed by my experience thus far. I came from a different coach/team at a time that I was at an ultimate low. I was extremely beat up and mentally/emotionally pained. Not only had I lost all the passion I had for the sport in general, but was actually beginning to feel a lot of disdain for it. Casey and Kerryne rescued me! They got me back to the place where I LOVED training, I wasn’t afraid to check-in, OR admit that competing was not my number 1 priority. They were very supportive in my transition from competing to starting a family. Then after miscarriage in May, got me back on me feet! And I have been able to HEAL! 


    Kerryne is the most caring, authentic, down to earth coach ever! She is exactly what I need in a coach. Always encouraging, and doesn’t hesitate to “speak my love language” for motivation. I feel like she really knows me personally and cares about my LIFE, not just my success on stage. She picked up right where Casey left off and it was the smoothest, easiest transition. I didn’t feel like there was any hiccup in my training at all. I am extremely proud to call Kerryne my coach! The updates come BEFORE it’s time for them, so again, there is no hiccup in my training and progress.


    Finally, this is a small thing, but real! My coach and the team IG page always shares tags in my stories! Which I will say, is super encouraging. This is VERY different from what I experienced before. I never felt good enough even when I was killing myself, which was extremely hard mentally.


    I DO NOT EVER imagine leaving this team! It is the perfect fit for me and I am proud to be apart of it Whether I am competing or in lifestyle, this is the family and team I want to be a part of! 




    Before turning pro I knew I needed someone to help me navigate the national circuit and who would be there in person.  I started researching well known coaches in the industry and had a friend that had been working with Casey Marshall, at Boss Bodies and she had phenomenal success with her. 


    Signing up I had no intention of competing that year but the coaches believed in me, thought I was ready and advised I should do a show right away, got on stage and took home two overall titles. Casey was eager for me to go to nationals right away and was so sure and supportive. I clung to her sureness put my head down and did the work she instructed only thinking about how it would feel to win. I reversed into nationals, got on stage and was called out first and moved to the middle. It was a dream. I started tearing up in my back pose and than spent that whole next day before finals on cloud 9 calling family leaving myself in tears. The night of finals, I placed first and walked off a new IFBB Pro. 


    I am so thankful for Casey and team Boss Bodies. I knew I had the fire within me but was scared to let it be known until Casey reassured me and supported me to let it shine bright. When you are confident in your physical ability, and are proud of the work you do, that confidents leaks over into other aspects of your life, so not only did I become an IFBB Pro but I got a promotion, I’m a better friend, sister, mentor and wife. While I pay Boss Bodies to coach me, I could never pay them back for setting the stage for me to have a more fulfilling life. 

  • JENNA 



    1 year ago I joined Team Boss Bodies and I will never look back (unless it’s to check the glute gains ) Team Boss Bodies is just that- a team! It’s not just a coach telling you what to do. It’s a whole groups of amazing boss babes helping each other out. Life and prep will always have ups and downs, but going threw those times with like minded people who are there to cheer you on or pick you up when you are down makes it all worth while! 




    I have worked with Lacey since November 2019. We started off with down sizing to fit into the bikini category. She worked patiently with me and supported me with everything possible. She has helped me with my posing as well and made me a customized flexible meal plan (my preference). We started a prep for a bikini comp in Feb and it was the smoothest process ever. Despite the pandemic it was a really good prep. It was actually the healthiest prep I have ever had! I kept my menstrual cycle the whole time (which is something I usually would lose on prep). I got weekly refeeds too! That is something I never experienced.  Lacey was fast with her responses and always checked in on me throughout the week. I love boss bodies and the community. I have connected with so many other boss babes! We all show each other support even if we don’t live close. Reaching out to boss bodies did not only get me closer to my dream body but helped me make fitness a lifestyle. Love coach Lacey and Boss Bodies!



    NPC Competitor | Coached by Beth Hall

    Team Boss Bodies has made me feel at home from the very beginning. It is a team filled with empowering women, phenomenal coaching, and more support than I ever expected.  Casey and Beth have taught me that this lifestyle CAN be sustainable and competing can be done in a healthy and enjoyable way!



    Team Boss Bodies has made me feel at home from the very beginning. It is a team filled with empowering women, phenomenal coaching, and more support than I ever expected.  Casey has taught me that this lifestyle CAN be sustainable and competing can be done in a healthy and enjoyable way! 




    I didn’t realize when I signed up for Team Boss Bodies, that I was signing up to be apart of the best support system ever that would change my life. It is so much more than a team. It is a family. The friendships & memories I have made are priceless. Team Boss Bodies is full of strong, amazing women who come together & lift each other up. All of the coaches & my teammates inspire me to be the best I can be, inside & out. I continue to reach all of my goals & dreams, and they just keep getting bigger. I am so thankful I can now coach with the team and inspire other girls to reach for the stars.  With my coach Casey & my team by my side, I know I will continue to achieve whatever I put my heart & mind to! 


    Lifestyle Athlete & New Competitor

    Everything with Boss Bodies is going AMAZING!! You know when you have a new accessory, like a new bag or a new fancy watch or something, and you walk around like “ooh look at me in my new (insert new accessory here)” ?? Well that’s how I feel all the time, except it’s not a new accessory - it’s just me in my new body  I feel like a million bucks, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just 5 months. And I owe it all to my coach Hannah Ranfranz! I CANNOT say enough wonderful things about her! She is truly an angel sent from the heavens, and I’m so grateful that I found her and the Boss Bodies community! I just started working with Coach Jonelle this past weekend as well, and had a GREAT first posing session with her! She’s another angel plucked right out of the heavens 


    NPC Competitor | Coached by Beth Hall

    I've always had an athletic fit build, but as we age our lifestyles change, we change, and sometimes we lose track of ourselves. Being a Mother is my most important job, and one that I love and cherish! After having my two babies and years of being unhappy with my body, but content with my life, I decided that I needed to make time for "ME" find myself again and find a healthy balance in this new life of mine. Over a year ago with a 1 and 3 year old I did just that. I am forever grateful for this amazing TEAM and my amazing coach Beth Hall.  I hope these pictures inspire someone to never give up on you, you are worthy, you are important and you my friend can do it. I finally found my balance and I know that I can be a great Wife, Mom, Teacher, Daughter, Friend, and still find time for me and my goals! If you want it bad enough you will achieve it. I started with Team Boss Bodies in February 2019, and stepped on stage for my first show in June of 2019.  I fell in love with this sport and can’t wait to step on stage again.  I’m working my way to IFBB and I know with this team I will accomplish just that.    Beth is not only my coach, but my friend.  She is always there for me, guides me, and has taught me how to live life fully with health and balance.  Thank you Team Boss Bodies and my Coach for everything.   I am now a 34 year old mom with two children who looks better than she did ten years ago and always striving to be the best version of herself.   For that I am forever grateful for finding this team and finding this TRIBE of supportive women.



    NPC Competitor

    Casey is an amazing coach! This was my first show and I was so nervous getting into this because it was something I’ve never done before. The meal plans were great, I never felt like I was starving my body! The workouts were killer and so different than what my workouts normally were like and I’ve trained for the last 5 years but this was a whole new level of training for me! I love everyone at team boss bodies!

  • NINA 

    NPC Competitor | Coached by Beth Hall

    I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to have Beth Hall as my coach, mentor, and friend. She has the right tools to push me to my highest potential while being incredibly understanding of my life situations. I have never felt so understood by a coach before. She never compromises my hormonal health and/or mental health. Beth posses all the right attributes of an amazing coach: great communication skills, motivation, empathy, knowledge, and heart. 


    I have found in Team Boss Bodies a home and Beth is always at the front door waiting to help me. I wake up excited to train every day to improve, push and grow as an athlete, but also to make my coach and team proud

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