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Posing Policies

Posing Sessions

Posing sessions are done virtually.  Each session lasts for 30 minutes unless otherwise agreed to by the posing coach.

Posing Session Cancellation Policy

Clients must cancel no less than 24 hours prior to their session.  If canceled less than 24 hours OR if the client does not show to her posing session, the session is taken out of the ones included in her package or if purchased, the client loses a session.

Ex. A client purchases a package of 3 posing sessions from the Boss Bodies website.  She schedules a session with a posing coach, but doesn’t show up to her session.  The client has lost that session and now has 2 left.


If for any reason a posing coach needs to cancel, the client’s session will still be honored and rescheduled for another date.  If a client does cancel her session and the cancellation is confirmed by the posing coach, the session will be offered to another client who is on the posing coach’s wait list.  The session will no longer be available to the original client who scheduled it.

Posing Sessions with Packages

Based on the package purchased, the client receives 1 posing session per month (standard) or 2 posing sessions per month (premium).  If she wishes to have more sessions in the same month, she will have to purchase more off the website.

Purchased Posing Sessions Refunds & Expiration

No refunds, transfers, or exchanges are permitted for posing sessions purchased.  Posing sessions must be used within a year of purchase.

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