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Staci Craddock

Posing Coach

I’m Anastacia, better known as Staci! I’m a mommy to 3 and adored by an incredible husband. With a dual degree in kinesiolog/exercise science and sports management, it’s not hard to see how I found my way to competing. But what’s at the heart of it for me is posing. There’s nothing more fascinating than finding the angle, twist of the waist, shift of the legs and etc to bring a physique really to life. And while I don’t think you can teach confidence, I do believe you can give it! There’s nothing more satisfying than giving a woman the confidence she deserves; that is my why!

When I got brought on to Boss Bodies it immediately felt like home. I am not only proud to be a posing coach for this team I am blessed, grateful and completely humbled to be a business manager here is well. If nothing else, what I love most is how we give back. Bleed blue baby!

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