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CEO | IFBB Professional 

Casey Marshall is the CEO and owner of Team Boss Bodies. She has been in the competition field for over 9 years. She is an IFBB professional athlete and a pro level competition coach.  Since 2011 she has been actively competing and studying the competition prep industry including competing in over 45 competitions total and winning 7 overall titles. Since the creation of Boss Bodies (her second competition prep company) she has helped over 30 athletes earn IFBB Pro status and has coached hundreds of women qualify to compete at the national level.




Kiki Cunningham, one of the OG Boss Babes, is the Director of Training and Merchandise with Team Boss Bodies. In addition to being a nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor, Kiki holds a double masters degree in Business and Sports Administration from the No. 1 ranked sports business program in the world, Ohio University. She's also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  She combines her academic degrees with her training certification to bring innovation and athlete-focused development to Boss Bodies. Her experience working for blue chip sports brands like the Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl, ESPN, and more will help you and team Boss Bodies become a brand to be reckoned with across the fitness and sports industries.

Kiki follows the IIFYM diet style, which allows her to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also fitting in the occasional Cinotti’s donut. Next time you’re in Jacksonville, the first baker’s dozen is on her. In fact, one of her passions is creating macro-friendly versions of your favorite cheat meals and deserts. Why not have your cake and eat it, too?

Prior to getting into the fitness and competing lifestyle, Kiki was a competitive cheerleader and dancer for her whole life. She competed in dance and was a college cheerleader before falling in love with lifting weights during a post-grad year in Chicago. Kiki is here for all your fitness and lifestyle needs!



SALES MANAGER | IFBB Professional 

Donna Mullner graduated top of her class from Clemson University in 2013 with a Bachelors in Biology. From there, she attended medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina, where she met the love of her life, Jacob! Donna graduated with her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2017. She is now a Plastic Surgery resident at MUSC and she plans to specialize in reconstructive hand surgery.

Donna has been involved in sports her entire life from soccer, basketball, cross country, tennis, triathlons and more. She first became interested in bodybuilding and competed in her first NPC show in 2013. From then on, she realized competing was her passion outside of medicine. She competed throughout medical school and 11 shows later, won her IFBB Pro card at Jr. Nationals in 2017. This is where she met Casey for the first time! She has now continued to compete in multiple IFBB Pro shows with top 5 and multiple top 10 finishes with Team Boss Bodies. Her fascination with the human body and love for this sport have allowed her to continue to show that it is possible to have a full time career outside of competing.



COACH | IFBB Professional 

Beth Hall has been competing since 2013 and earned her pro card at Miami Nationals in the fall of 2016.  She is currently planning on making her pro debut in the spring of 2019. Beth is extremely passionate about living a fit, healthy lifestyle (not just for the stage) and helping others do the same.  Beth specializes in teaching her clients balance and helping them reach their goals while enjoying the process. She wants her clients to truly make fitness a lifestyle - not just for a 16 week program.  Balance is super important to Beth and something she has mastered while working a standard 8-3 job, while also being a supportive wife and being a badass mom to her 15 year old son. Life get busy but Beth always makes time for her workouts and loves the fact that Boss Bodies offers such flexible plans.  “Where there is a will, THERE IS A WAY!”



Coach | IFBB Professional  & Olympian 

Hannah Ranfranz, has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Health from Purdue University where I began training others! Everyone at the gym has at least one thing in common. We are all trying to improve ourselves. Whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally, we all have a common goal to better our daily lives. I think there is a lot of power in this common ground, and it’s one of the reasons I love the fitness industry.There is no finish line in health & fitness. It is about loving the process on this never ending journey, working each day to create the best version of ourselves inside and out! A motto of mine that I love to live by is creating strength within the gym to conquer the world outside of the gym! Motivating others is what keeps me motivated along my own journey. I started competing in October of 2017 just for fun, to challenge myself, try something new, & to learn & grow as a trainer! I knew right away I had found my niche. I turned pro only 8 months later right near home at Junior Nationals in Chicago! My goals & dreams continue to grow everyday & are fueled by the fire burning in my heart. Along with competing & coaching online, I train clients from my home, and I am a substitute teacher & a mentor for kids! I hope to spread passion, positivity, laughter, & happiness to as many people as I possibly can, while helping others become the best version of themselves! No two people or bodies are the same; we are all unique, which is why I am here to help you create the best YOU!

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MARKETING Director | Coach

Lacey Harris has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and her primary background is in the Intensive Care Unit. She has been a part of Team Boss Bodies since Casey first started this wonderful team! Lacey has been competing in the NPC for 4 years and is a National Level Bikini Competitor.

She has been competitive her entire life. She was a competitive athlete in gymnastics and cheerleading in her younger years. After completing nursing school she had a competitive drive and itch to do something grandeur, so she went to her local gym to gather all the information needed about Bodybuilding and Bikini. She was hooked after that! Her love for this sport and a healthy lifestyle has kept her focused to continue to push towards her goal to become an IFBB Bikini Pro.

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