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Lacey Harris has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and her primary background is in the Intensive Care Unit. She has been a part of Team Boss Bodies since Casey first started this wonderful team! Lacey has been competing in the NPC for 4 years and is a National Level Bikini Competitor.

She has been competitive her entire life. She was a competitive athlete in gymnastics and cheerleading in her younger years. After completing nursing school she had a competitive drive and itch to do something grandeur, so she went to her local gym to gather all the information needed about Bodybuilding and Bikini. She was hooked after that! Her love for this sport and a healthy lifestyle has kept her focused to continue to push towards her goal to become an IFBB Bikini Pro.


Why do you love Boss Bodies?

I love BB for truly feeling like I ALWAYS have someone in my corner! BB is full of so many supportive and

encouraging ladies.


Favorite Muscle Group to Train:

SHOULDERS!! Duh #bouldershoulders


Favorite Post- Show Treat:


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