Jonelle Warner | Lifestyle Coach

Jonelle Warner has been an athlete her entire life. She began weightlifting after high school when she joined her first gym. She began competing after Gary Udit (promoter for shows in Pittsburgh) told her she would be a great contender for the bikini devision. After winning her first show in 2016, she was hooked. Jonelle now has 7 shows under her belt along with 3 overall wins. Jonelle is still an active competitor and has a burning passion for the sport. Jonelle received her physical education at the Clean Health and amp Fitness Institute. She now coaches many lifestyle clients, while managing her home gym. Her mission is to help as many people as she can in the industry be healthy and confident inside and out. 

Why I love Boss Bodies?

When I was graduating from the regional level to the national level, I knew I needed to find someone who has walked this walk before. I was always self taught and coached by my current boyfriend. I needed to upgrade. I researched boss bodies for 3 months, talking to different athletes that have been coached by Casey and NOT ONE of them had anything negative to say about Boss Bodies and Casey as a coach. I had all the peace in the world about joining this team and Casey coached me into my first national show ever! I didn’t realize that joining this team also met GAINING a giant girl tribe! The support, love, encouragement, friendships, and opportunities that have happened since joining this team are truly unbelievable and leaves me at a loss of words at times. I struck gold by joining this team. Everyone on this team holds a special place in my heart. I am so thankful and will forever be thankful that I joined Boss Bodies and have NEVER looked back since.


Favorite muscle group to train?

My Favorite muscle group to train has always been my abs & back! Glutes are starting to grow on me though haha


Favorite post show treat?

Cinnamon roll! I love me some cinnamon! But I also can't turn down a big juicy burger and fries!

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