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Boss Success Seminar 2020

September 24th-27th 2020

Daytona beach fl


  • 3 Night Stay at Hard Rock Hotel - Daytona Beach

  • Private Photoshoots with Mitch Gilbert

  • Daily Beach Workouts & Training Sessions

  • Bikini, Posing, Business and Motivational Seminars

  • Relaxing Cabana Day

  • Red Carpet Gala 

  • All food, cocktails, and snacks! 

"I wish there were more  Boss Bodies retreats like this. As for my daughter being bullied , attending this seminar gave her confidence.  It also gave me, as a business owner, light as to I’m not the only one that goes through tough times not even wanting to take off my makeup with so many restless nights. And it motivated my friend that it’s time to finally take her life back as a business owner too , of a successful restaurant and being a mom of a cute little busy ballerina,  that in order for her to keep going and be successful for her restaurant and mom, she has to start her fitness journey in weight loss and eating better"

                                                                - IFBB PRO Elisa Reynoso