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Beatrice Sanford | Boss Bodies Coach


Beatrice, also known as "Bea" or "B" has been active ever since her junior high days.  She participated in a little bit of everything from dance, to bowling, to flag football.  Bea is a certified personal trainer who began her bikini fitness journey back in 2014. As she was obtaining her PT certification she became intrigued with the idea of competing.  She figured she'd use the process of training and meal prep (nutrition) to help relate to her future clients.  Bea participated in her first bikini competition in April 2015, where she earned her pro card with a natural organization (D.F.A.C.).  That win sparked her interest and excitement in the sport even more and she went on to win the title of World Champion Overall Bikini Winner, competing against competitors from all over the world.  She also became nationally qualified at her first NPC show, snagging another Overall Bikini win and landing the 11th spot her first time at the Arnold Amateur.  After taking a year off, Bea connected with Casey Marshall and Team Boss Bodies in November 2017 to begin her quest of turning pro with the IFBB. After prepping 6 months, that dream became reality at Jr. USA's, as she walked away with a pro card her first time on a national stage with the NPC.  Bea is currently working toward qualifying for the Olympia!  She has also started helping other competitors & non competitors alike, sharing her knowledge on how to obtain & maintain a successful healthy lifestyle.  She also holds posing classes for local competitors in Michigan for those wanting to perfect their routine!  


Why do you love Boss Bodies?

As an athlete, Boss Bodies has elevated my potential as a competitor.  I thought I could walk this road alone but being with this team has shown me it’s ALWAYS better to have a loving support system who has your back.  That’s what it’s all about at Boss Bodies and the attention you get is amazing.  Don’t forget the learning experience you receive on how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully, either in competition prep or during an off season.


Favorite Muscle Group to Train:

Always & forever glutes but I also enjoy building my back & calves!


Favorite Post-Show Treat:

Pop tarts or a glazed donut!